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The Filianic Star-Myth

Lately I've been reading a pretty excellent book: Earth & Sky, Visions of the Cosmos in Native American Folklore. It has been fascinating to find common threads throughout the world in our interpretations of the stars above us, but even more fascinating to read more in depth about the things that are so different from what a Eurocentric model usually presents.
And it is very in depth. Some of the articles contained in the book are highly detailed scientific pieces: one discusses the 'desert varnish' that helps date locations in the American Southwest and plots out where the sun would have risen thousands of years ago relative to sacred mountains. Since the book's theme is the stars, there's rather a lot about the angles and degrees, heliacal risings and settings, and calculations to compare the sidereal years of various planets to the solar year. Decades of people's life works are presented here, and the amount of effort that went into producing each piece…

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