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Years Gone By

Recently, I came across a new group of Pagans, one I hadn't heard of before: Modern Minoan Pagans. It was through YouTube, a filmed workshop at this past year's Mystic South Conference, and I've been reading their research and shared experiences off and on for the past few months.

They aren't a reconstructionist group (they aren't trying to resurrect the old path exactly as it was), but it was this reintroduction to a group with a lot of historical research embedded in it that threw a different light on our own Scriptures for me.
For instance, re-reading the first part of the Holy Mythos you can see that we retain two separate calendar years: the old agricultural year, and the later solar year. It was through the reconstructed myths of Dionysus (a god that likely originated on Crete and was later introduced to the Greeks) that I realized the connection. Dionysus had his roots, so to speak, in the agricultural year, the life and death and rebirth of the crop itself…

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